This web application allows pilots and other aviation related persons making an appointment to get or renew a medical certification. Doctors define what type of examinations they provide and enter their availabilities for appointments.

Aviation personnel and particularly pilots need to have a medical certification to fly and have to renew it regularly by passing a medical examination. This examination depends on the type of airplanes the pilots fly.
This application allows doctors defining the type of medical examinations they provide and entering their availabilities. Aviation personnel then select a medical examination type and make an appointment with a specific doctor or with any doctor offering the required type.

At any time, doctors may update the medical examination types, their availabilities or their contact data. They can also transfer appointments to another doctor due to circumstances.

To enter data (selecting medical examination types, entering an availability, …), the web application offers very responsive forms adapting to any screen size (desk top, tablet, smart phone or iphone), contains popup help texts to each of the fields to fill in and provides an error message line below each field to explain incomplete or wrong date entries. The login form below gives an example:

  • At the left, the form at its full width, as shown on a desktop or tablet screen.
  • At the right, the adapted form, as shown on a phone screen.

NSACMedical Form

The web application currently offers a user interface in English and Dutch.