The France Air app helps in dimensioning the ventilation in a room, taking various requirements into account and leading to an optimal user comfort. It selects diffusers and exhaust grills, simulates the airflow in a room, it shows jet contours with constant air velocity or constant air temperature and calculates air velocity, air temperature and draft ratio’s everywhere in the comfort zone.

ComfortAirgiflow 4D offers wide range of selection possibilities for diffusers and grilles, taking sound, airflow and maximum velocity into account. It allows positioning the selected diffusers in the ceiling, on walls, in the floor and in ducts, after which they can rotate and swap to get an optimal air distribution in the room.

One of the most elusive requirements for a room is user comfort, as it is a combination of several factors, sometimes contradicting each other.

To illustrate the relative comfort in the occupation zone, a human figure shows the air velocity, air temperature and draft ratio in five user definable points. It also shows the sound level at the position of its head and chest. When moving this human figure in the room, the resulting values adapt, allowing to detect positions in the room where the user comfort would be optimal.

The air jets shown in the picture above are the result of a 2D simulation. Airgiflow 4D performs these calculations on the fly, which means that the user sees immediate results of any of the settings: the airflow, the temperature, the blow angle, the kind of simulation, etc.

An elaborate reporting shows the selection made, the simulation results and limits for sound and draft in the room. This app connects to a central database to access technical data about the diffusers and grilles, but also allows to save projects, which makes them accessible from any computer.

Since beginning of 2021, important new functions have been added. There is the calculation of the sound power anywhere in the room, visualized on the human figure, head and chest. However, the most spectacular addition is the 3D representaton of the air jets. In addition to the 2D representation, Airgiflow 4D now adds a a 3D visualization of the air jets in a room and it is dynamic as well: changing any setting has a direct impact on the 2D and 3D results. The image below shows results for floor, ceiling, corner, duct and walls jets. Jets may provide cooled air (blue) or warm air (red). The volumes show different colors corresponding with the velocities seen in 2D.



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Please contact France Air for more information about their products and this Airgiflow 4D app.

This Airgiflow 4D app is a multi-platform app, currently available for Windows only