This C-Diffusion app calculates the air flow of a jet in a room. The jet starts at the grill or diffuser and flows up to the intersection with the comfort zone. This is the zone were people are sitting, standing or moving in the room.

The calculation and visualization of the air flow of a jet is quite complex, especially at the moment the jet hits a wall or another jet. This app supports the calculation of free jets and wall jets for different diffuser types: linear, compact and radial. The jets may have different speeds and starting temperature values. They also may hit walls at different places. The graphical representation displays the air flow of the jets and also gives the air speed at the intersections with the comfort zone.

To support a step by step design, the app offers a number of sections. Each section supports some specific actions:

  • Room Definition. A project may consist of different rooms. The room definition section allows adding new rooms or edit existing rooms
  • Room Dimensions. This section defines the dimensions of the current room, together with comfort zone within that room.
  • Requirements. Defines the number and position of the diffusers (or grills), together with sound and pressure drop limits. Diffusers are placed in the ceiling, in the walls or in the floor. Diffusers may be installed in a single wall or in opposite walls.
  • Airflow and Temperature. Once the diffusers are positioned, the total air flow amount, the room temperature value and the jet temperature value must be set. The app offers convenient default values, but the jet temperature may need a change in case the room is cooled or heated.
  • Selections. As there are many different kinds of diffusers, the app shows the ones that are possible to install in the selected position and differentiates between the diffusers covering all requirements and the ones partially covering the requirements. The user may decide to select slightly underdimensioned diffusers.
  • Symmetry. By default, the app positions the diffusers in a symmetric way. However, the user may decide to move them at different positions.
  • Simulation. This is the section actually calculating the air flow. The user may enter different speeds, may vary the initial airflow and temperature values and may define the blow angle of the air flow.

The app shows a 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional view of the room with the positions of the diffusers. It shows the air flow in a 2 dimensional room view.

More Info

Please contact Cairox for more information about their diffuser products and this CDSS app.

This CDSS app is for Windows only