This web application allows pilots and other aviation related persons making an appointment to get or renew a medical certification. Doctors define what type of examinations they provide and enter their availabilities for appointments.

This C-Diffusion app calculates the air flow of a jet in a room. The jet starts at the grill or diffuser and flows up to the intersection with the comfort zone. This is the zone were people are sitting, standing or moving in the room.

The France Air app helps in dimensioning the ventilation in a room, taking various requirements into account and leading to an optimal user comfort. It selects diffusers and exhaust grills, simulates the airflow in a room, it shows jet contours with constant air velocity or constant air temperature and calculates air velocity, air temperature and draft ratio’s everywhere in the comfort zone.

This is an app to dimension an Yanmar air conditioning system, consisting of indoor units in rooms, connected to an outdoor unit outside a building.

Using a given room load, this app selects the indoor units covering this load, calculates all technical data about those them and draws the piping and wiring diagrams showing their connections to the outdoor unit.