Animated Flight Computer

This is the professional version of Basic Flight Computer, containing an example generator, a wind triangle drawing function, convertors and calculators. Any (student) pilot can use it to prepare a theoretical exam and any pilot can use it to prepare a flight.

Carburetor Icing

As a pilot you don't want icing in your carburetor or on your plane. Quickly check its probability with this easy-to-use app: enter the temperature and dew point values from the meteo (METAR) and get an immediate indication of icing probabilities.

Basic Flight Computer

Solves and animates how to calculate the missing values of a wind triangle. This is a free of charge ap containing a small subset of the much richer Animated Flight Computer app.

NZVC reservation

The NZVC reservation is web application for the Noordzee Vliegclub pilots to reserve a plane, but also to get an overview of their flights and the current financial state of their account.